Dewy and beautiful skin texture from deep within!

Brightening and anti-wrinkle dual function cosmetic product
Ampoule, face mask, and cream
Combine all into one!
Intensive care with the 3-Step face mask.

Check out Queen 3-step Mask


Moisture, hydration, glow, brightening, anti-wrinkle, intensive firmness care, pore control, sebum control, and barrier strengthening

Excellent Benefits of the 3-STEP FACE MASK

Micro-fiber sheet that sticks perfectly to your skin

Our Hydro Gel Sheet Mask sticks perfectly to skin and impeccably replenishes nutrients and moisture.


 Super-absorbent, highly concentrated nutrients

With outstanding absorption and highly concentrated nutrients, the product prevents nutrients from evaporating fast and locks in moisture for a long time.

Rich Serum Essence

A single mask contains a whole 30g bottle of serum essence, differentiating it from others. It provides hydrating and soothing effects.


Give Yourself Glowing Skin

The product corrects dry, uneven skin tone and brightens dull, sagging skin with enlarged pores due to lack of moisture.

Make sure you check the EWG grade!  

A safe cosmetic ingredient

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