Jaw-dropping change over a 7-day period.

Through micro-penetration care, it helps achieve healthy, vibrant, and clear skin.
Your skin needs more care over time.
We released the ampoule that helps you with direct home care!
The product is currently used at beauty/skin care clinics.
Experience the jaw-dropping change in only 7 days!

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Phytosilica/Healthy & Energetic Skin/Skin Vitality Mechanism

A report on its dual function submitted to the FDA.

Trademark and design patent registrations completed.

Micro-penetration therapy

Stimulates skin cell activity at the micro-level

Naturally-derived plant extracts

Naturally-derived plant extracts

Skin protection against harmful substances
Promoting the skin’s natural cycle
Changing skin layers into new ones
Soothing and alleviating skin trouble

Centella asiatica extract

Promoting the skin’s natural cycle
Soothing and alleviating skin trouble
Preventing skin dryness
Preventing oily skin caused by excess sebum

Scutellaria baicalensis root extract

Improving and clearing skin tone
Preventing skin wrinkles
Sensitive skin soothing
Protecting skin from external harmful substances

Phytosilica Program 

The Phytosilica Program is an innovative, groundbreaking therapy that resolves the shortcomings of conventional skin regeneration technology, such as skin trauma, infection, and long-term restoration times, by adopting the crystals extracted from plants and bioactive ingredients.

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