Beauty is endless pleasure.

Nothing is more important than “bare skin,” which is the basis for natural skin expression.
Healthy and beautiful skin does not mean just clear, blemish-free skin. Improving your skin’s overall condition, including skin tone, texture, and elasticity, through pore control is more important.
MOISTIE uses the Steam Therapy to make your tired skin healthier and more beautiful.

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The therapy uses steam to give deep cleansing, removing waste and makeup residues. Warm steam penetrates deep into the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and hydrates skin, making it clear and healthy.

Steam Intensity Control

The multilevel spray intensity control system allows adjustments to spray distances and steam amount.

Functional Natural Essence

Containing low-irritation, naturally-extracted ingredients, MOISTIE Pure Essence is like skin toner that can be sprayed when steam is sprayed onto skin.

Safety System

By featuring its own safety system with steam level, distance, and temperature sensors, it ensures user convenience and enhanced safety.

Sophisticated LED Lighting

Subtle and nuanced LED lighting of the user’s choice can create a sophisticated mood.

Functional Natural Essence

By balancing the pH level of the skin, it keeps skin firm and elastic.

Easier to Clean

The separate spray nozzle of MOISTIE PURE ESSENCE ensures good hygiene during are.

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